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  • have this lil sexy while i take god knows how long posting my AAC commissions and unposted art


    Sorry the post is so late, but ill be having my first artist alley table at Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH! I’m there all three days, but not sure how long ill stay on Sunday.

    I’m in booth 111, and I’ll have prints (a little more than the ones pictured, which are also the smaller test versions for the sake of getting them to fit in a photo), shrink film keychains, and MAYBE some bead sprites if i can make more tonight?(probably not) i only have a single bill cipher sprite and ill probably just keep it if its the only one i have.

    ill also be taking commissions for pencil drawings, with the option of taking it home with me to color for extra

    also some of the prints here are of art i haven’t posted yet, and hopefully i can finally get to doing that once the con is over!

    you guys should also check out my friends’ booth, which is down the row on the opposite side! 

    I’ve been touching up older pieces i like so there more acceptable to sell as prints and god look at that old weak ass lighting



    getting the final shrink charm done so i can print them all tomorrow!

    the test ones came out great but im still not sure what to seal them with as my mod podge smudges the ink

    my table location at AAC has been confirmed and ill try to make a post about it very soon!

    i should also probably post my backlog of stuff regardless of older stuff not commin before it bc i really want to get that out of the way

    also expect some streams throughout the next few days as i finish stuff up to print

    workin hard on the charms for AAC
this ones gonna be my favorite omg (you’ll see why when its done ..)

    workin hard on the charms for AAC

    this ones gonna be my favorite omg (you’ll see why when its done ..)

    sry abt the lull in posts have a magic dorito 

    can u believe im having a REAL ACTUAL table at a REAL ACTUAL anime con

    ive ascended

    Julia the Venomoth by Amphibizzy

    one of my bug team babies! i actually drew all the others but they were really old and this was the only one i still liked

    Bernard and Bianca by Amphibizzy

    the little shit stopped eating
    HOLY legs what have i gotten myself into
    Micron pen, Watercolors, white gel pen

    Small Watercolor Pokemon doodles - Sliggoo + Magcargo 

    Pen ACNL Villagers (old) by Amphibizzy

    I really only still like the first four now, but theres no harm in posting the whole set haha
    Ballpoint pen (no pencil sketch!)
    Animal Crossing © Nintendo

    what if i tried frog legs and actually LIKED them would that be fucked up or what


    im hoping to get as many improvements as i can done to my Argonian costume tonight despite coming home from canada for most of the day

    Shiny Clauncher (old) by Amphibizzy

    ive had the same sketchbook from the beginning of the school year and its not even done yet im disappointed in mself